…does anyone here remember a time “when words never grew on their own and thoughts were mere shadows in the distance”?

I know that many autistic people go through a phase like that and outgrow it, often at the ages of 4, 7, 12, 15, or 20. (Basically, the end of early childhood, the beginning of…

Hello, Mel! I have been thinking about these questions for days. I struggle with typing so i think i will answer in segments. So, expect more reblogs of this post as i expand.

Yes, i have vivid memories of the time before worded thoughts. Yes, i still live there. But not all the time. I think i made a kind shift into worded thoughts as i left kindergarten and entered 1st grade. Learning to read contributed to worded thinking. It was exciting and interesting learning to read. But learning to read was like learning a second language at age six. The language i already knew was present from birth. I have many memories from babyhood - crawling, drinking from a bottle, laying in my crib. I remember being fiercely familiar with the world. Open and very Awake.

To be continued…


Anonymous asked:

this isnt a question, but for people who like to fidget with their hands (especially in public) it would be worth it to check out origami, since you can tinker all you want and you have something to show at the end of it. Also, it helped me make friends since at the end of class I could give someone this tiny bunny or dragon paper-art. I did origami for maybe 5 years and no one ever thought it was weird.

autisticdrift answered:

Great suggestion!


point-conception asked:

Can I ask, was your first home in Coast Redwood or Sequoia Redwood? I lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains a decade ago. I experience strong nostalgia for life in the redwood forest. Thank for writing about them in recent poetry.

youneedacat answered:

Coast Redwood — San Mateo County, in an unincorporated area that didn’t even qualify as a town, quite.  I later lived in Santa Cruz County in the redwoods as well.

Thank you!